Colombian entrepreneurs of all economic sectors invite you to support with your name this note of support to our democratic values, our system of liberties and the government of President Iván Duque.

An open letter from the Colombian business sector:


A call for common sense and order.

In the midst of the unprecedented adversity that our civilization is facing, the priority of every nation is to work together to protect the life, health, economy and coexistence of all citizens.

In representation of the various entities that constitute the Colombian business community – from the most humble mom-and-pop shop to the largest multi-sector corporation – which represent the entire productive, industrial and commercial private sector on which the economy and national employment depend, we express our full and unconditional support for the legitimacy of the legally constituted government of President Iván Duque Márquez, who was duly elected on June 17, 2018, by a margin of 2,364,500 votes.

We call on all citizens, the media, members of parliament and judiciary, all administrative authorities on the national, departmental and municipal levels, religious communities and political parties to acknowledge that common respect, civility and legality are the factors that unite us. We reject the opportunistic and individual political agendas that use this crisis to instigate disorder, calling for disobedience and insurrection as the most contemptible way to incite chaos in order to undermine the constitutional principles and values that for more than 200 years have characterized us as a democratic society and a free country.


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